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Carriage Healthcare Companies, Inc. (CHC) is a multi-state operator of skilled nursing facilities and assisted living Communities, primarily in rural communities. Additionally, CHC provides consulting services to LTC clients in areas of facility operations, financial management and planning. 

Our philosophy is that the key to success in a facility is its ties and commitment to the community it serves. From our perspective as a management company, that means that virtually all decisions need to be made at the facility level, and that if we as CHC do our job correctly, the facility will truly excel in its provision of appropriate care to those we serve, and will embrace the needs of the community.

We believe that our main task is to find and retain the right administrators, and our record of longevity of those administrators speaks for itself. We see our role as advisors to the facilities we manage, with a second and equally important goal of promoting collegiality among the professionals in our facilities that encourages individuals to work with their peers to find solutions to common issues. To that end, we develop semi-annual programs, with approved continuing education, to not only share current trends and discuss operational issues, but also provide an environment to foster a sense of sharing with one another.

Our administrators and other key management personnel remain with the organization because of a deep sense of purpose and commitment to quality resident care and services, and CHC becomes an additional layer of support to carry out the mission of the respective facilities.

Results from a 2014 survey completed by our facility administrators:

-  100% of administrators said overall, they are extremely or satisfied with the staff of CHC
-  93% of administrators stated CHC's service is very important or extremely important to them

-  92% of administrators are satisfied with their recent experiences with CHC

-  92% of administrators said the staff at CHC is extremely professional or very professional

The four top operational executives in CHC are all licensed nursing home administrators, who have over 80 years of combined experience.  Meet our team


We believe in providing ongoing information from industry leaders, and new tools,  policies & perspectives. We also offer CNA/RA programs to attract and keep quality caregivers in our managed facilities.



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